In this area of keyboards Gett InduKey offer one of the largest ranges of professional, ready-for-use data input devices. From the robust numeric keypad made of stainless steel over the built-in industrial keyboard up to the medically approved touch monitor, we map a nearly complete selection for all management scenarios.

Here you can find ready-for-use input devices according to the following main areas of application:

Industry and commerce
Self-service and information systems
Office and Home
Gett InduKey obtain all products from selected suppliers who consistently comply with the highest quality standards. Most devices originate from their own production. Under the label InduKey Gett develop and manufacture on-site high-quality industrial and medical keyboards.

For all plug-and-play products we provide you with comprehensive, personalized adjustments. Would you like to put your logo on the keyboard? Do you need an extended USB cable? Do you need to integrate an emergency stop switch? We realize your special requests quickly and reliably.

Gett Indukey