MIL and Aircraft Rugged Items

Since long time our partners has worked with our customers to identify the features most commonly required for their rugged computing needs and develop relevant solutions. We are proud to support many of the industry´s leading prime contractors and their subsidiaries and subcontractors in numerous applications for a varity of ground, naval and airborne programs.

Combining this extensive experience with our wide range of COTS products has led to a new line of fully integrated, off-the-shelf rugged computer systems. By carefully matching SBCs and PMCs/XMCs, and integrating them in compact rugged enclosures. We offer out-of-the-box computer configurations featuring Intel and PowerPC processors that target general purpose as well as processing, I/O and video/graphics intensive applications. Integrated COTS computers are available with BSPs (board support packages) and drivers for a variety of popular operating systems.

MIL and Aircraft Rugged Items (47)